LOOK: These Are the Most Expensive Wedding Destinations in the World

With 2022 set to be a record year for weddings, the Wedding Price Index compares the cost of holding a wedding in popular destinations around the world, in addition to the amount guests will have to pay to attend a wedding in each location.

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  • Hosting a typical destination wedding with 100 guests in the Hamptons, USA, costs the most in the study at $45,987, followed by Positano, Italy ($43,090) and Fogo Town, Canada ($39,012).
  • The cheapest place to host a wedding is Lahore, Pakistan ($3,530), ahead of Goa, India ($3,858) and Nha Trang, Vietnam ($6,316).
  • The most expensive wedding venue featured in the study is The Villa Casa Casuarina, Miami, where it costs around $120,000 to host a wedding with 100 guests.

Holidu.co.uk, the search engine for holiday rentals, has released a study in partnership with Magmatic Research that analyses the cost of hosting and attending a destination wedding in over 100 locations around the world. As travel experts, they are conscious of the way the cost of living crisis is affecting people’s financial power, and, with destination weddings enjoying a resurgence in 2022, set out to compare the cost of holding a wedding in different renowned wedding destinations. To do this, they identified the typical cost of hosting a wedding in different locations, incorporating the price of hiring the venue, decoration, photographer, food, cake, drinks costs, as well as how much it costs guests to attend a wedding in each location, covering accommodation and travel costs. The results reveal where hosting and attending a destination wedding costs the most and least.

How the study was conducted:

The study began by researching the most renowned locations to hold a destination wedding, according to wedding blogs, websites and review sites, before cutting the shortlist down to over 100 of the most prominent locations with comparable data. Next, the researchers grouped the costs involved in hosting and attending a wedding into two categories: Costs for the Couple, and Costs for Guests.

The first category, Costs for the Couple, includes items that the couple getting married generally pay for when hosting a wedding, incorporating the venue, decoration, photographer, food, cake, and drinks. To collect price data for the venue, the researchers found the most renowned wedding venues in each location before taking a sample of the most representative venues and identifying the median price. They then sought typical prices for the decoration, photographer, food, cake, and drinks in each location. In cases where prices for multiple items were bundled together, regular prices in each location were identified and removed from the given cost to avoid double counting.

The researchers then calculated the typical overall cost to the couple of hosting a destination wedding in each location.

The second category, Costs for Guests, includes costs that are generally paid by attendees, incorporating accommodation and return travel to the wedding location from each city in the study. To obtain this data, the researchers found the median cost of accommodation in each location for two time periods in July and August 2022, and calculated the cost of staying for five-nights. Additionally, they researched the price of return transport for two time periods in July and August,from a range of countries to each wedding destination. They then selected the minimum possible price for each destination.

The researchers then calculated the estimated overall cost to guests of attending a destination wedding in each location.

The resulting index provides a representative comparison of how much it costs to host and attend a destination wedding in 2022 in popular wedding locations around the world.

The Hamptons, USA $45,987
Positano, Italy $43,090
Fogo Town, Canada $39,012
Seville, Spain $36,262
Florence, Italy $33,569
Paris, France $31,146
Venice, Italy $30,105
New York, USA $30,012
Saint Tropez, France $27,716
Cascais, Portugal $27,614

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