LOOK: These Are Adorable Korean Inspired Cakes!

We love all things Korean and that includes our favorite desserts!

The lockdown had given us so many home brands to love and one of our favorites is Aegyo Cakes.

Aegyo is a family business by Kihyan Renz Chua Yap, Koleen Renz Chua Yap, Karren Renz Sena, and Delia Paulino. The main baker and designer Kihyan is a finance manager by profession but had gone into the cake business with the family to earn additional income during the pandemic. They shared that instead of focusing on the negative, they poured their hearts and energy into making beautiful cakes and they want each cake to have a message, a purpose and a story.

Aegyo was the brainchild of Kihyan and Koleen. The family is used to working together as they run an apparel business (K. Renz Apparel Inc) that designs and manufactures corporate uniforms and it was just natural for them to work together in another venture.

The brand started in June 2020 and had gained a loyal following on instagram. They shared that they all love anything Korean and many of their followers share the same love.

But what everyone loves most about Aegyo are their beautifully designed custom cakes. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or any occassion, Aegyo can make a unique cake design just for you.

One of the big trends in cake designs now are minimalist cakes and Aegyo had mastered creating these works of art.

As much as each cake is a work of art and it might be a little hard to cut through it, Aegyo has delicious recipes that will keep you coming back for more. Their bestseller, the 16-layer Dark Choco Bonbon is made from Davao’s famous Malagos Chocolate. One trick we learned is that you can microwave it for 30seconds to instantly get a choco lava cake!

Special Occasion coming up? Get an Aegyo Cake! 🙂

Aegyo Cakes


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