LOOK: There’s a website that gives easy access to visa requirements for over 200 countries!

Here’s a problem that travelers know all too well: trying to find reliable sources for Visa requirements. This is especially difficult when planning a trip that spans across different countries. Thankfully, we now have a web app to solve all of our Visa-related woes.

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Visalist, as described by its creator, is a website that collects all Visa-related information on 200+ countries. Keying in the kind of passport you hold then leads you to see which countries you can enter, and how. That is to say, it lists which countries require Visas, Visa-on-arrivals, or are completely Visa-free.

It features an interactive map so you can quickly go over your options. It also contains all the details you need per Visa-requirement, like a document checklist and such. You can check out Visalist here.

Trying out the website just makes me want to get up and go travel already. A few clicks show that there actually 33 (!!) Visa-free countries for Philippine passport holders. Some interesting countries we can freely visit include Morocco, Peru, Brazil, and the Ivory Coast. While multiple Polynesian islands offer Visa-on-arrival!

This makes me want to maximize the site and plan my next trip. Where’s your next adventure going to be? 


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