LOOK: The Youth are Taking Over the Art Industry

Words by Kimberly Claire Reyes
Photos by Kimberly Claire Reyes & MINT Photo Club

It’s no surprise that the youth are rising more rapidly than ever today.

Last October 5, Meridian International (MINT) College blasted off the final day of their annual Media Week at the MINT College Ortigas Campus. This year’s media week celebrated a marriage between creativity and urban lifestyle like never before by hosting a weeklong event brought to life by the collaborative forces of students from five Art-related programs — Fashion, Film, Multimedia, Music Business, and Theater.

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Photo by Carl Ocampo

MINT’s Photo Gallery Showcasing Filipino Urban Lifestyle

This week-long event was jam-packed with learning opportunities featuring various content producers from both local and international industries. Not to mention, this event ended up being the perfect platform for MINT’s students to showcase their artistic skills and to prove to the world that yes, you can trust the teens to take it from here. From bustling marketplaces to street photography and outstanding fashion shows, the students of this college have continued to impress us with their game-changing abilities and their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Photo by Carl Ocampo

Photo by Francis Magundayao

To add to this hype, the students of MINT hosted a food bazaar that presented the oh-so-familiar flavors of authentic Filipino street food. What’s even cooler is that while enjoying your meal, you get to jam along to MINT’s official lunch gig called What’s for Lunch which features promising musicians who have the intense passion to bare their souls raw for the world to listen.

Meg Mangoba Singing One of Her Original Songs, Alam Mo Ba

One of the musicians that stood out with her performance would be a senior named Meg Mangoba. This talented student performed not one, not two, but three original pieces; and if that’s not considered amazing, then I truly don’t know what is. Other than Meg, there are so many more students who sang their hearts out and left the entire audience speechless and at awe with their broad vocal range and emotional execution.

Sebastian Katigbak (left) and Kyanna Villaruel (right) Performing in Newspaper Dance

This year’s Media Week also featured a breathtakingly theatrical one-act play called Newspaper Dance that was produced by MINT’s very own MINTeatro. Two freshman students, Sebastian Katigbak and Kyanna Villaruel, showcased their immense talent and professional finesse with an ovation-worthy performance.

“That’s just how girls are portrayed typically; there are good and bad sides. At some point, you will have to adjust,” Kyanna said, describing her character as the female lead of the play.

Meanwhile, Sebastian further expounded on the differences between the two leading roles by saying, “He (the male lead) is very down to earth and logical, while she (the female lead) is portrayed as more emotional.”

Newspaper Dance is a narrative about a quarreling couple who find themselves stuck with each other amidst the pouring rain. The entire play revolves around the two of them trying to understand the other and eventually coming to realize that all they needed was good communication. This play bears the perfect formula that combines dramatic, teenage romance with just the right amount of comedy to keep you entertained until the very end.

MINT’s Students Painting the Outdoor Mural

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, a few of MINT’s students were even brewing something much more massive just right outside the school gates. Get ready to be blown away once again as you visit the exterior of the building where a team of students were painting an ongoing mural that promotes environmental sustainability in a not-so-traditional manner. The mural was designed by a powerhouse team consisting of Louise Anog, Mygel Edoloverio, Pita Santos, and Angela Aea.

“We wanted this one to be more interactive,” Louise Anog, the head of the designing team, explained.

These brilliant individuals sought to make the mural stand out by incorporating QR codes that lead to certain environmental petitions one can sign-up for. Renowned artists, such as A.G. Saño, and the general public will also be invited to contribute to painting the mural. This way, the students can promote collaboration at the same time show the world that everything you do, big or small, matters.

There is indeed no limit as to what the youth can achieve today, and these students have constantly proven that fact to be true. MINT’s annual Media Week is just the beginning for these rising stars as they set foot towards a goal to conquer the art industry. It is thrilling indeed to see what the future has in store for such talented individuals.

Intrigued? See these artists in action at next year’s Media Week!

MINT’s Media Week 2019 is sponsored by Canon and Beyond the Box. Media partners include When In Manila and ABS-CBN.

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