LOOK: The vivo Y35 is the Perfect Phone for a Full Day of Content Creation!

We’ve always been on the lookout for a smartphone that can keep up with our fast-paced lifestyle. With events and travels in full swing, we need a smartphone that has incredible camera features, last a full day (or even more) and an extended RAM to help us create and publish more content.


The vivo Y35 is packed with a 5000mah large-capacity battery and a 44W fast charge. It can last for 14.3 hours of continuous video watching in case you need to catch up with your vlogs or binge-watch your favorite movies and series. In just 30 minutes, the vivo Y35 can have 70% of its battery, ready for the day.

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The vivo Y35 is the first in the Y series to have an extended 8GB extended RAM that would definitely help you multi-task even when on the go. Going from one app to another is easier so you can finish work more quickly. It also has a 256GB internal ROM and supports up to 1TB extension. All of this is packed with a Snapdragon 680 and a 6nm processor to help your phone work with no lags.  Imagine using multiple apps and just shifting seamlessly as you go from work, school, and play!

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If you create gaming content, the vivo Y35 has an ultra-game mode + Multi Turbo 5.5 that lets you control the performance of your smartphone. You can go from battery saver mode, balanced mode, and even performance mode. There is also a ‘do not disturb mode, that removes alerts and notifications so you can focus on winning that game. There’s also a brightness lock so you have a consistent display for your winning streaks.

Right off the box, you will easily notice the big camera. The vivo Y35 features a 50MP Main Camera. It is an industry-leading large sensor to deliver professional-looking photos.  Perfect for travel photos, OOTDs, and even events.

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Your portraits will also be on top of their game with a 2MP Bokeh Camera. The great depth of field is great for your travel photos that will be Instagram-worthy. Your vacations will never look the same as you can create high-definition photos. The 50MP camera mode will replace your cameras so you can create memorable photos during your travels.


There is also a 2MP Macro Camera so you can take photos in great detail as well.

Last, but definitely not least is the sleek design. It is available in dawn gold and agate black. Both look stunning under the light with their subtle sparkle and pearl-like finish.


Since we are on the go, we loved that it’s lightweight with just 8.28mm and 2.5 Curved design. The rounded corners are also perfect for better grip. It looks classier and more modern that looks great for your mirror selfies too!


Creating content has never been this easy and cool. The vivo Y35 has everything you need and more.

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With all these premium features, the vivo Y35 is only Php14,999. It will be available on Shopee, Lazada, vivo’s TikTok shop, and vivo e-store and comes with a free DITO sim card and TWS voguard (limited stocks only).

You can shop for the vivo Y35 in vivo stores and kiosks starting September 10. Installment plans are also available through home credit and credit cards.

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If you want great value for money and premium features that won’t break the bank, the vivo Y35 is the perfect smartphone for you. From its battery capacity, storage, processor, and camera, you will get the best bang for your buck.

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