LOOK: The Teletubbies Have Babies Now!!?!??

Say what? This is not a drill. Apparently, the Teletubbies have babies now… and they had them back in 2015.

To be honest, I never watched the Teletubbies – at least not of my own volition. See, I was pretty old by the time they became a ‘thing’, but my little cousin used to watch the show whenever his family visited and I remember thinking that it was the weirdest thing on television (at least for me) at the time. They were kinda cute, I guess; but other than that, I didn’t see the appeal.


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Still, the news that Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and Po have babies now kinda shocked me because, well… how did that even happen? Also: the Teletubbies had genders? And another thing: weren’t the Teletubbies babies, too? I iz confused.

In case you don’t believe me, here are the cute Teletubby babies now:


This is them: Baa (blue), Duggle Dee (red), Nin (purple), Daa Daa (green), Mi (light blue), RuRu (orange), Ping (pink), and Umby Pumby (sleeping).

Apparently, they’re called Tiddlytubbies and they’re even cuter than their parents because even though they look practically exactly the same (just without the things on their heads), they’re tinier – and that makes a difference on the cuteness level in my book.

How do you think these Tiddlytubbies came about? :p Get creative. We’d love to hear your thoughts!