LOOK: Stranger Things Announced They’re Back in One Amazing Tweet

Are you excited for Stranger Things season 2? Well, of course you are. Although there is no exact date of release yet, the 80s-themed sci-fi thriller TV show is for sure returning to Netflix on 2017.

The official Stranger Things Twitter account announced they are back in production, and did so the smartest way possible. Look:

The tweet says: “back in production see you next year #strangerthings” written upside down with a photo posted upside down as well. Love it! But only fans will get this, amirite?

Stranger Things has earned itself the title of biggest breakout show of 2016. And, since the premiere, the adorable kids in the leading roles of the show have shot to fame. Check out Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven on the show, starring in this cool music video.

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