LOOK: Someone Finished Playing Neko Atsume And Actually Made A Guide!

You know that cute kitty game that everyone’s been playing?

neko atsume

Yes, that one with the cute cats! It’s called Neko Atsume and it’s taking the world by storm. One guy took his love for said game to the next level by creating a game guide. Facebook user Jonathan Lok posted a comprehensive guide on his page:

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The post reads:

Update: I have just completed the entire game (Cat collection, yard expansion, all remodelling and all memento collection) and so here are some tips to attracting them along with some other miscellaneous tips.

Rare cats:
1) Tatejima-san (Mr. Baseball)
– Baseball (90 Silver)

2) Nagagutsu-san (Puss-in-boots)
– Mister mouse (140 Silver)

3) Xerxes (Prince-san)
– Zanzibar Cushion (20 Gold)
*Aim to buy this item first as the turnover is the highest in the game (1 – 81 gold + frequent visits from Prince)

4) Nabeneko-san (Chairman Meow)
– Earthenware Pot (20 Gold)

5) Nekomata-san
– Silk Crepe Pillow (20 Gold)
*S size

– Kotatsu (60 Gold)
*L size

6) Koikoi-san
– Cardboard House (40 Gold)

7) Bob the Cat (Hiker)
– Cat Metropolis (50 Gold)

8) Conductor Whiskers
– Cardboard Choo-choo (60 Gold)
*L size and can accommodate 4 cats

– Twisty Rail (20 Gold)
*L size too but only accommodates 1 cat hence not as worth

9) Manzoku-san (Fat cat)
– All food except the free food (Thrifty bits)
*After the yard expansion, if you do not want the fat cat to finish your better food, place it indoors as it is too lazy to move indoors to eat.

– Giant Cushion (25 Gold)
*S size but fits 2 cats OR 1 Manzoku, but most of the time it would be more attracted to the food instead.

10) Osamurai-san (Mr. Meowgi)
– Sakura Pillow (220 Silver)
– Scratching Log (30 Gold)

11) Amesho-san
– Luxurious Hammock (35 Gold)
*Sashimi holds higher chance of attracting and getting memento

12) Bistro-san
– Glass Vase (750 Silver)
*S size
*Makes a Sundae in the vase

– Heating Stove (600 Silver)
*L Size
*Makes a pizza on a stove

13) Maromayu-san
– Temari ball (25 Gold)

14) Ramses the Great
– Tent (Pyramid) (190 Silver)

15) Sassy Fran
– Cardboard Cafe (50 Gold)

16) Billy the Kitten
– Cowboy Hat (400 Silver)

17) Cream-San
– Not exactly a rare cat, but make visits infrequently to several toys

Until now there has not been any trend of when a cat would give a memento (whether is it better food, the presence of all 3 favorite toys, etc.) but from observation, the minimum number of visits from a cat before it gives a memento is 15.
*This does not apply to rare cats as I’ve received from rare cats with less than 10 visits (I am speculating that the less favorite toys they have on their list, the smaller the number of visits required for them to give a memento)

Invest in Ritzy Bits (3 Gold) as the turnover is worth it and lasts around 3 hours
Tip: Use Frisky bits right before you go to sleep because the overall returns is about the same as Ritzy but saves you gold and lasts around 6 hours
*Maximum holding capacity for any food is 99 — shop would indicate ‘sold out’ once you hit that limit

For Bonito, Deluxe Tuna and Sashimi, there is really no need to buy them because it is a waste of gold unless you have completed the game and just want to try. Ritzy bits is able to attract all the rare cats nonetheless. Below is some analysis to prove it:

Analysis of Food: 
With cost of food taken into calculation; No cost of food
[Fritzy bits (30 Silver/3 portion, Lasts 6 hours) 
Average turnover = 2.32 Gold, 30.4 Silver; 2.32 Gold, 45.4 Silver / 3hrs]

[Ritzy bits (3 Gold, Lasts 3 hours) 
Average turnover = -0.09 Gold, 70.6 Silver; 2.91 Gold, 70.6 Silver / 3hrs] 
*Take note of its negative sign

[Sashimi (5 Gold, Lasts 3 hours) 
Average turnover = -2.16 Gold, 73.3 Silver; 2.84 Gold, 73.3 Silver / 3hrs]

[Bonito (7 Gold, Lasts 3 Hours) 
Average turnover = -4.40 Gold, 52.3 Silver; 2.60 Gold, 52.3 Silver / 3hrs]

[Deluxe Tuna bits (12 Gold, Lasts 3 hours) 
Average turnover = -8.83 Gold, 80.2 Silver; 3.13 Gold, 80.2 Silver / 3hrs]

*Disclaimer: The above statistics may not be the most accurate but rather, more of a guide as I’ve only tested it over a consistent span of 336 hours (1 week).
From the results, 
Fritzy Bits is the most worth for gold generation (Cost of food taken into consideration)
Deluxe Tuna Bits is best for silver generation
Conclusion: Do not be fooled into buying the more expensive food.

Yard Expansion (180 Gold):
Upon expansion, you would be given 5 more spaces as well as a new game option of ‘remodelling’ — Zen, Western, Rustic, Modern
The first remodel costs you 140 gold while the subsequent ones costs 280 gold.

For daily rewards, go to Menu > News > Daily Password > Input Password to receive a prize and 5 passwords give you a free can of ritzy bits!

You can feel free to leave your gifts/rewards uncollected because once the inventory hits 100 gifts, the system would collect it automatically for you.

Power level:
This does not mean much but all it means is that if a power 50 cat is playing with a toy and a power 90 cat comes along, it would take over the toy that the weaker cat is playing with.

*****Do check back once in a while as I would be updating values as well as adding new features to this guide as I am analysing it*****

 View the guide HERE.

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