LOOK: Siquijor’s Salagdoong Beach Is Enchanting!

Tucked away in Central Visayas, Siquijor is only for the brave; not for defying decades worth of mystical stories but because the province boasts several adrenaline-pumping activities for its visitors and explorers.

Mysterious as it may seem, almost everyone who has been to the island can attest how mesmerizing its beauty is and how travelers must really pave a visit to experience this one of a kind destination. Want to sneak a peek of the place before planning the trip? Here are some photos of Siquijor’s well-loved Salagdoong Beach.

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Nestled in the town of Maria, Salagdoong Beach is best known for cliff jumping complemented with its stunning seascape. The crystal clear water will surely make you want to take the plunge and dive in. No worries, immersing in its magnificent underwater world will not disappoint because of its vibrant marine life waiting to be visited.

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