LOOK: Romblon’s Bonbon Beach Is Our New Favorite Escape From The Metro!

This is Romblon as seen on the map.

Located in the MIMAROPA Region, it’s a relatively small province consisting of different islands. But hey, in case you missed it, Romblon boasts several scenic spots and heritage sites that are gradually gaining popularity over the years. Being an archipelago, it offers white sand beaches, dive spots, and even the only blue hole in the Philippines that will surely excite sea lovers and divers.

In case you’re up for an r&r sesh in a fairly uncrowded place, Romblon’s Bonbon Beach is your best bet. With its clear blue water, white sand, and breathtaking sandbar that is stretched up to a neighbor island, you can casually walk going to the uninhabited Bangug Island when the water level is low.

Check out these photos below for a glimpse of the place.

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