LOOK: This School Has a Different Term for ‘Tokneneng’

Who doesn’t love street food? From fish balls and squid balls to isaw and betamax to kwek kwek and tokneneng, we love them all. I’m sure memories of your days at school also come to mind when you think about some of the best Pinoy street food you’ve had so far.

Raella Mendez, a 5th year Architecture student in CSB, is also faced with delicious street food on a daily basis. “It’s fun studying at CSB because even if we’re so stressed and drained with acads, the school still finds ways to make the days more enjoyable,” she shares. “Plus, it’s nice to be surrounded with people with the same interests that you have.”

Raella says that she’s proud that the people in our school are very creative. “Kaya tuloy even the name of the food is creative,” she laughs. That is especially evident in a photo that she recently shared on Twitter, where our favorite tokneneng is called…

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That’s right. They’re called waffle eggs! I asked Raella if CSB students actually call tokneneng waffle eggs when they talk to their friends, but she says she doesn’t think so. “It’s just what they put in our cafeteria,” she explains, admitting that she was surprised when she saw the name, too.

And while we don’t have proof of this, Raella says someone told her that they call turon ‘banana wrap’. Gotta love the creativity! Even Raella says that “nakakatawa siya kasi nakakawala ng pagod“. Raella has a theory that the cafeteria staff does it to put a smile on the students’ faces; but whatever it is, it seems to be working. In fact, Raella hopes that they put more ‘sosyal’ names to their food in the cafeteria to make them laugh more.

If you were in charge of naming the food in this cafeteria, what would you call other Pinoy dishes? Share your wit with us!