LOOK: Real-Life Hunger Games At The Malls For Zark’s 8-Peso Burger Promo

Who knew we’d be witnessing the real-life Hunger Games so soon? But then again, if food is involved, it’s not really a shock.

Today, we have seen yet another example of how far humans will go for food. Netizen Pauline Cabal Estrada was able to document the chaos that ensued at one of the malls in San Mateo, Rizal.

In this set of photos and videos, crowds gathered and lined up outside of this particular branch of Zark’s Burgers to avail of their one-day promo. For their 8th anniversary, Zark’s Burgers offered their famous Zark’s Ultimate Burger for only PHP8 instead of PHP 149! With such a steal, people were, of course, bound to take it.

The only catch was that it could only be availed by the first 80 customers at any branch.

And so, there was chaos. Take a look:

Pauline shared that she and her sister were planning to get some of the 8-peso burgers, too. But upon seeing the massive number of people, they decided to eat at another restaurant instead.

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From what she heard, there wasn’t any major damage that resulted from the crowds.

This isn’t the only location where people rallied up to get their burger fix. There have been similar reports from other malls and other branches.

How far would you go for an 8-peso burger?

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