WATCH: These Guys Are Adding Filipino Flavors on American Burgers

The burger is a popular American fast food. It is so popular that it even is a staple food for most. However, this food truck is adding Filipino flavors on American burgers.

They use ingredients like house-made longganisa, banana ketchup, and steamed siopao buns. Still, Angus beef is ever present on their burger.

The food truck is called Flip ‘N Patties. It is a food truck located in Houston, Texas.

On the interview, the owners said that their goal is to share the Filipino culture through their food.

They said, “Our goal is to share our Filipino culture and our food, marrying it with something familiar for everybody – like the burger. So we kind’a used the burger as a bridge between our culture and the American culture.”

Aside from burgers, they also serve rice plates with homemade lumpia.

At night, the food truck transforms into a mobile karaoke bar.

Awesome, right?

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