LOOK: People are Throwing Their Sneakers on the Floor for This New Viral Challenge!

Words by Bea Lizarondo Soliman

The internet is a birthplace for questionable (or genius?) challenges.

Earlier this week, Twitter user @Ibelievthehype discovered that, despite the manner in which she threw this specific brand of sneakers that she owned, they always end up landing on their soles:

This tweet caught the attention of a number of social media users, and they were quick to follow her, checking the validity of her claim:


To social media users’ surprise, the shoes do always land facing up! Since then, people have been throwing their shoes on the floor even by the mass-load:

There were still some users who were skeptical, thinking that maybe the shoes were simply being thrown too lightly. Because of this, some have even tried throwing them down balconies or buildings:

Though the shoes still oddly landed facing up, there were some people who proved that you need not even to throw the shoes for them to land on their soles:


However, there were those with shoes that seemed to refuse to cooperate with them:

Whether or not their shoes turned upwards, the internet seems to be enjoying this challenge!

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Have you tried this new challenge yet? Tell us in the comments section!