LOOK: Nico Bolzico gives some advice on “the red season”

Most women are closely acquainted with the special hassle of their period. For some, it might only be the mild irritation of wearing dark colored pants. Others are cursed with crippling cramps. But the worst of it is the rollercoaster of emotions we’re all subject to.

Our emotions – unlike the other pains – are uncontrollable. We can take painkillers for cramps and buy special napkins for leakages, but whether we burst out crying at commercials or snap at our friends is entirely in the hands of our hormones. This is something that the majority of men just don’t seem to get.

Whenever guys talk or think about this aspect of a period they do it as a joke: “She’s freaking out? Probably on her period.” “She’s overreacting. Maybe she’s pms-ing.” “I can’t reason with her, she’s on her period.”

So it’s great to see someone as influential as Nico Bolzico taking the time to talk about it. Aside from the (very cute) advice he gives, it’s important to note how he acknowledges the taboo and actively works to dispel it. Unlike so many other men who caution others to leave their friends and partners alone during “that time of the month”, he’s able to recognize that “her period is also his period.”

But the advice he gives is very on point. A few favorites are:

“Understand that this is not a joke, they feel bloated and in pain, there is NO way, us, men, can handle that every month, so show some respect.” 

“Do NOT allow her to be hungry, a woman in her period and hungry can be a deadly combination, she can easily turn into a T-Rex and we all watched Jurassic Park. “

“Be a man and buy tampons or those special towels that absorb the blood! […] Running out of those can lead to an apocalypse, just watch Terminator 2 and you will understand.” 

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Posted by Nico Bolzico on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What’s some advice you wish you could tell to guys? 


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