LOOK: Netizen Shares a Photo Full of Trash in Binondo River

In Tagaytay, people crave for the breathtaking view of Taal Lake. In Manila, the skyline and the busy streets at night are marvelous. However, for this Netizen, her view is apparently different from anyone. Sidney Snoeck had shared a different kind of view, yet proposes the “real” look of Binondo Manila.

Photo credit: Sidney Snoeck

Sidney’s photo went viral and had reached the attention of the people of Barangay Binondo. According to the Facebook post, the officials of the Binondo apparently saw the viral photo and immediately actioned it. In fact, a fellow Netizen by the name of “Shaider” had also shared a “before and after” photo.

Photo by Shaider

Both photos had gained mixed reactions. Some say the officials shouldn’t wait to be socially humiliated before actioning simple things like maintaining the cleanliness of the area. While others were debating as to who should be held responsible for the this.

This isn’t the first Binondo became viral. We’ve also shared a story before about this. You may read the full story here.

Regardless of who or what, what’s important is the place is already clean and hoping for the people living there to sustain the cleanliness of the river.

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Wheninmanila.com doesn’t own the story and the photo. All credits go to Sidney Snoeck.

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