LOOK: Muslim Man Born on Dec 25 Named ‘Merry Christmas’


Photo from: The Jakarta Post

A 54-year old Muslim man who was born on December 25 was named by his parents “Slamet Hari Natal” or “Merry Christmas” in English, according to The Jakarta Post.

He showed his ID as proof that it was indeed his name.

He said that his name was supposed to be “Selemet Hari Natal” but since they were Javanese, it became “Slamet”.

A Christian midwife help his mom deliver him. Apparently, it was the idea of the midwife to name him “Selamat Hari Natal,” which is a Christmas greeting in Indonesia. His parents accepted the suggestion, changing only Selamat to Slamet.

Although he is a Muslim and his name means “Merry Christmas,” he never had any major problem with it.

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