LOOK: Moira Dela Torre Is Blooming in This Fashion Feature

After a public breakup, Moira Dela Torre is definitely back and standing tall as she graces the 26th issue of ZALORA’s very own e-magazine, ZALORA /covers.


In the feature, Moira shares her story about her recent break-up and her struggles with self-image as someone who is always in the public eye.

Moira New3

She shares what it takes to have confidence and body positivity. The singer-songwriter is an advocate of unconditional self love which really translated into her floral themed fashion shoot.


“I’ve never worn my hair up in a shoot before, I used to be terrified of it. Recently, something changed in me. When I was asked by ZALORA to style my hair differently for this shoot, it was easy for me to agree.” Emerging from a highly publicized breakup, the editorial captures how the singer gained footing in confidence after a season of change. Moira takes back a hold of her narrative and rewrites a new definition of what it means to be confident and grow into her own.