LOOK: Milk Tea hair color is the new trend in Asia!

If there’s anything I have been pretty sure of in the past few years, it’s that Filipinos seem to have incorporated ‘Milk Tea’ as a regular drink that can be found almost anywhere especially in Manila.


You can spot a milk tea stand or branch in probably any mall you’re at and sometimes, the line could go on until you could count an estimate of 50 people waiting for the sugar-filled drink.

Although what I didn’t expect was the trend being incorporated to become a hair color. Here are some people following the trend with the hashtag ‘#milkteahair’:


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. 完全おまかせカラーカット . ミルクティーちゃん . #milkteahair

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As I see it, it’s the balayage trend all over again but with a twist, the common color looks to be a light, creamy beige to brown or blonde with warm-tones which, of course, resembles milk tea.

The trend has been quite popular in Japan and Singapore.

Would you want to join in the Milk Tea hair trend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!