LOOK: McDonald’s Clever “Beat The May Weather” Advertisement

Sneaky, sneaky.

McDonalds beat the may weather

The much-anticipated mega fight of the century is happening this weekend… and guess who decided to ride on the hype in a clever way!!

Today, McDonald’s Philippines released this advertisement that says what we THINK it’s trying to say…. or is it?!

Because you’ve got the scorching heat on one hand and the perfect ice cream to go with it… and then there’s the thought of the Pacman’s fist connecting with Mayweather’s jaw…

Aww, screw it, we’ll take the ice cream, AND enjoy all its cold, creamy goodness while watching the fight on TV!! (Because, really, how can us mere mortals afford the steep tickets to watch it live??)

McDonalds beat the may weather

Whoever thought of this deserves a slow clap, and a pat on the back!

What do you think of McDonald’s advertisement?? Are YOU finally pumped up for the mega fight this Saturday?