LOOK: LRT uses Minecraft graphics to post train updates

Being an official page by the Philippine government, you would expect to see a standard for their graphics when portraying a story. However, this post by the Light Rail Transit Authority – LRT2 which is a rapid transit line in Metro Manila, Philippines, has caught the attention of many Facebook users.

The post states: ?UPDATE: As of June 24, 2019 at 9:49 AM, 7 trains/28 coaches running with 8 mins headway. LIGHT to MODERATE volume of passengers at all stations. Three to eight pax in queue at Santolan Teller’s Booth. | graphics via @akagi_akihiro.

Facebook users have been commenting on the transportation service’s page as it appears in the photo above that they used Minecraft as their graphics to depict their story for their official post update.

As one of the world’s most popular games that grew since 2009, Minecraft is known to be mainly played by children around the age of 13 years old depending on which version they play. Although some reports share that Minecraft has also been used for educational purposes where its graphics are used in the classroom, people are commenting there about other more professional software and applications that the government page can use rather than a building game.

Several netizens have found it funny that they would opt to go for graphics coming from a video game and compared it to a previous depiction of an old story by a local news program.

While some others have offered suggestions for graphics such as using applications like 3Ds Max, SketchApp or Maya. Furthermore, other netizens have also shared their own versions of graphics depicting the train using their own 3D software.

Do you think that the Philippines Light Rail Transit Authority find a new graphic designer? Or do you think this could be considered credible? Share with us your opinions in the comments!


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