LOOK: Kid Goes to School With the Most Unique Backpack

School is back.

Some kids are fortunate to go back to school with a lot of new stuff, while others are still fortunate to have something one of a kind.

Going viral on social media is a photo of a child carrying one of the most unique backpacks we have seen.

The backpack looks like a modified “bayong”, which is a traditional Filipino bag made by weaving dried leaves. Usually, it comes in a colorful design like this one.

Unique school backpack

This is amusing, cool, and quite stylish, tbh.

We are not sure where the photo was taken. We reached out to the one who posted this on social media however they said that this was just a screenshot and they can no longer find the original photo.

*Disclaimer: Photo is not ours.

If you know original owner of the photo, kindly let us know to give them proper credit.

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