LOOK: Julia Barretto, Liza Soberano, and Janella Salvador gush over each other on Instagram

As if Julia Barretto’s amazing vacation photos wasn’t enough to get us excited over her Instagram feed, she just had to have an adorable back-and-forth with Liza Soberano and Janella Salvador. After posting a stunning beach pic on her feed, the two stars couldn’t resist immediately complimenting her. It quickly devolved into a compliment battle.


Liza Soberano started the banter by commenting: “You need to STOP. Before we all have heart attacks. You’re just so beautiful.”

Julia Barretto countered this by replying: “Excuse me miss, do you realize how much heart attacks you’ve already given us with ur beautiful face because I lost count of mine.”

Then Janella Salvador jumps in by saying: “All the heart attacks in this country are being caused by both of you so YOU BOTH BETTER STOP.”

Julia Barretto 1

Others who saw the exchange went wild. They loved how supportive the trio was being, especially in an industry that likes to pit women against women. Some commenters were even saying “we love queens supporting queens” and “real queens fix each other’s crown”.

Of course, the three have been good friends for a while now. They originally bonded back in 2013, when they were all part of the same Star Magic batch. Since then they’ve continued to support each other’s projects and ventures.

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Can you name a more iconic trio?