LOOK: Joyce Pring Takes Selfie with Tom Hiddleston in New York

We think Joyce Pring is one of the prettiest Filipina radio DJs and hosts out there. Aside from that, she happens to be funny, friendly, wacky and cute – making her almost flawless as a whole. A lot of people go into fanboy or fangirl mode when they run into Joyce Pring and so, it’s nice to know that she can be a fangirl every once in a while herself.

Joyce happens to be in New York at the moment and she had the ultimate fangirl moment when she posted this photo on her Facebook page with none other than Loki himself:

Joyce Pring Tom Hiddleston

Yes, Joyce Pring ran into Tom Hiddleston in New York. We honestly can’t tell who is luckier, but her caption makes it seem like she felt like she was the luckiest girl alive. Her caption reads, “THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE I CANT BELIEVE IT OMG YOU GUYS WAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *insert hundreds of crying emojis here* YOU GUYS IM SHAKING OMG HE SHOOK MY HAND I CANT MOVE WHAAAAATTTTTT JUUUSSSSTTT HAPPENEDDDD?

!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! #hubs #destiny #joythtotheworld #newyork #tomhiddleston OMG WAAAAHHHHHHHHH*insert more crying emojis here*”

Isn’t Joyce just the cutest? Which international celebrity would you fangirl over the most? 🙂