LOOK: International Pop Singer Jessie J Do the Pabebe Wave

A lot of people – celebrities or not – have joined the #AlDub nation. We already saw celebrities like Charice Pempengco, Sarah Geronimo, Bryan White (God Gave Me You), and even the most powerful leader, US President Barack Obama, joined the craze in doing the pabebe wave.

Captain Sibala with Obama

Navy Captain Sabila with President Barack Obama during the #APEC week.

And even Taylor Swift did the pabebe wave!

pabebe wave

Certainly, it is contagious and even the English singer/songwriter, Jessie J, did the phenomenal pabebe wave!

Jessie J

Just last December 10, Jessie J had an intimate concert in Manila! (Source: Nicolette)

The International Pop Star singer, Jessie J is the singer behind the hit songs, Flashlight (highlighted in the movie Pitch Perfect 2), Bang Bang (used an audition piece of the Filipina group singer, 4th Impact) and my personal favorite, Price Tag.

I’m wondering who is the next international celebrity that would do the pabebe wave?

Share your thoughts below!


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