LOOK: Philippine Navy Captain Got US President Obama to do the Pabebe Wave

After the historical “meet-up” event of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub, popularly known as AlDub, another awesome moment was shared on Twitter: our very own Philippine Navy, Commanding Officer of the BRP Gregorio Del Pilar, Vincent Sibala, posted a photo with US President Barack Obama doing the phenomenal pabebe wave.


The captain’s daughter, who is an avid fan of AlDub as well, was proud that her dad was able to get Obama to do the Pabebe wave. 

According to his daughter, Nicole Sibala, between them, her dad is obviously the “bigger Aldub fan.”


The picture was taken  last Tuesday when Captain Sibala toured Obama around the Philippine Navy Flagship, which was originally the US Coast Guard’s. As to his own astonishment, he was alone with Obama and took a chance of taking a selfie with him!

Well, your picture brought a lot of good vibes to everyone, Sir! (It made me admire Obama even more!) It just goes to show, how down-to-earth- Obama really is.

What are your thoughts about this?