WATCH: Filipina Sisters 4th Power Shows X Factor UK How It’s Done in the Philippines!

There’s no doubt Filipinos are everywhere. Regardless of the industry, Filipino people stand out among the rest. In fact, the amazing judges of the famous talent search X Factor UK were impressed with musically-inclined sisters, 4th Power. After their jaw-dropping performance during the audition, the Pinay girl group, 4th Power showed the UK crowd “how it’s done” by performing Christina Aguillera’s, Show Me How You Burlesque.

4th power X Factor UK

L-R: Mylene, Irene, Almira, Selena.  According to them, joining the X Factor is the best and could change their lives literally.

“We’re going up there, fighting for our dream. We want to make sure we will sit on that chair and stay on the chair,” share the ladies.

In the recent six-chair challenge – a challenge where they battle to win and maintain the “chair” to carry on to the next round – these girls represented and left the crowd wanting more! Watch their amazing performance here:

Source: X Factor UK

The whole nation is cheering for you, ladies! Good luck! What do you think of their performance?

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