LOOK: Himalayas now visible from hundreds of kilometers away

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a three-week lockdown of India’s 1.3 billion people on March 24 in a desperate bid of trying to contain the new coronavirus.

About two weeks since the lockdown was imposed, India has clearer skies like what has happened in Manila.

With this, the Dhauladhar mountain, which is part of the Himalayan chain of mountain ranges, can be seen even from Jalandhar, which 230 kms away. Locally, Manila to Baguio City is around 260 kms.

For the first time after World War 2, the Himalayan Ranges are visible from 230 Km away due to less pollution in lockdown! from r/interestingasfuck

Local authorities warned on Saturday that lockdowns are likely to be extended in certain parts of the country as the number of coronavirus cases is now more than 3,000.

The world’s biggest shutdown has left many without jobs and forced migrant workers to flee cities to their villages in search of food and shelter.

Modi’s government is now thinking of ways on how to lift the lockdown and a strategy to move forward. What forms these measures would assume depends on a variety of factors, the key being the nature of the spread of the virus.

One opinion currently within the government seems to be that while it may not be possible to reach a zero-new-case situation by 14 April, the best option would be to focus on specific “pockets” to contain the contagion.

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