LOOK: Here’s Your Online Source For All Things Matcha!

Matcha took the world by storm a few years ago and a lot instantly got hooked with this green powder. While some people enjoy matcha because of its distinct flavor and instagrammable color, a lot of people actually choose it because of the health benefits. Matcha is a rich anti-oxidant that’s a lot healthier than coffee. Fun and functional!

The matcha fever is far from over, and if you’re one who’s obsessed with it, you don’t have to search through cafes and restaurants for a green drink or dessert.

You can easily whip up your own matcha drink in the comforts of your home. With Matcha & Meyond, your next matcha treat is just a click away.

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Matcha & Meyond offers a wide range of authentic matcha products straight from Japan and delivers them straight to your doorstep. What’s great about this online shop is that it gives matcha lovers the most convenient way to enjoy it! No more chopping, juicing or blending. Just scoop it up and mix it with your choice of hot and cold water.

Matcha & Meyond also claims farm to cup freshness. “Guaranteed freshness, as much as possible we offer ‘first flush’ matcha per year then when it’s sold out, [we] need to wait for another harvest season of matcha! Premium teas are classified by flush or the time of the year when tea leaves are plucked.”

Authentic and fresh? We’ll take it!

Aside from the usual matcha experience, they also offer new flavors such as apple matcha, chestnut, blueberry, and raspberry! You just might find your next favorite matcha drink.

With Matcha & Meyond, you can indulge in your matcha cravings anytime, just the way you want it.

Matcha & Meyond

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