LOOK: Here’s Where You Can Get Plant-Based Samgyupsal

Trying to eat healthier this year? It’s a great time to start getting into a plant-based diet because there are already so many options and alternatives! For one, you can try this new plant-based samgyupsal package from The Sexy Kitchen by B.

You read that right, you won’t even have to miss samgyupsal if you’ve just decided to be vegan!

The Sexy Kitchen by B is now offering plant-based samyupsal packages. The package features both local and imported vegan “meat,” as well as delicious side-dishes—all plant-based, of course! You can even have vegan cheese added to your samgyupsal package.

They also offer vegan wine to complete your meal!

You can try the delicious vegan meals and plant-based samgyupsal through dining in at their restaurant, or you can message them for deliveries.

Watch the video below to learn more:

The Sexy Kitchen by B