LOOK: Here’s Where You Can Get Affordable Organic Nail Treatments in Manila!

When one says “organic” there’s usually a common misconception that it’s expensive and luxurious. But who says we can’t all enjoy organic and vegan services? Now that there are already healthier alternatives for even the simple things, I say that it should be accessible to the average person.

Organic nail treatments? You can now get them at an affordable price.

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Lost Pond Nail Boutique is a newly-opened nail spa and salon that specializes in all-organic and all-natural services. It was started by Kristine Real who is an avid fan of nail treatments herself. Since she’s been going around to all types of salons, she decided to just start one that’s her own.

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Lost Pond doesn’t shy away from the all-organic concept. Everything they use for the hand and foot treatments are all safe and natural–from the sanitizers to the masks.

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Speaking to Kristine, I saw how much she valued the health of both her customers and her staff, which led her to go for an all-organic nail salon. She’s now even looking into creating their own organic sanitizers, hand lotions, and the like. Plus, using lots of chemicals is bad for the planet–so why go back to the usual ways when we’ve already got healthier and safer alternatives?

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I personally loved how everything was so luxurious. You’d think you’re just going for a mani-pedi session, but it’s actually a full service. More than the cleaning, you’ll also get soaking with salts, hand and foot scrubs, and even masks for your hands and feet!

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Lost Pond also offers organic gel polish that’s safe for everyone to use! Perfect for a day of mother-daughter bonding with your little princess.

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I was able to personally try the organic gel polish, and I loved how it didn’t harm my nails at all! I was actually quite worried about getting my nails done just a week after I also had my nails done with acrylic. Fortunately, the organic gel polish that Lost Pond offered was safe for my nails and hands.

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Aside from the all-organic services offered, I also loved how truly relaxing the experience was. From the ambiance of the place to the skilled hands that did the work on my hands and feet, it was overall a serene time. They even give a complimentary glass of hot tea to complete the experience.

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If you’re planning a bit of me-time and getting your nails done, head on to Lost Pond Nail Boutique for an affordable yet luxurious experience.

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Lost Pond

Unit 308, TNA Building, A. Santos, Little Baguio, San Juan City
Facebook: Lost Pond Nail Boutique
Instagram: @lostpond
Open Tuesdays-Sundays at 12 NN – 10 PM