LOOK: Here’s The Secret To Achieving Those IG-Worthy Photos!

Want to amp up your Instagram game? Say no more. We have found a fairy godfather who will help us improve the brightness, vibrancy, and overall quality of our plain looking photos.

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A post shared by J A Y T A N A (@jaytana) on

Thanks to Jay Tana’s editing guide, we will be able to uncover the secret to achieving those Instagram-worthy photos we’re only drooling over on social media.

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A post shared by J A Y T A N A (@jaytana) on

Before we proceed to the mini tutorial, make sure to download the Lightroom mobile app on your phones. Fret not, it’s free!

Ready? Watch this video below.

Aside from the tutorial, Jay also gladly shared a few tips and tricks in post-processing your photos.

    1. Having a good display is as important as having a good camera.

      Be sure to edit on a well-calibrated display.

    2. Gone are the days of muted colored pictures. Vivid colors are the trend, but please don’t overdo the edit. Know the difference between Saturation and Vibrance, explore the Hue and Temperature sliders and yes, the HSL (Hue, Saturation and Luminance) too.

    3. Most editing programs have these Gradient and Radial tools. Master them.
    4. Ocular exercise. Social media is the new platform for talented photographers to promote their work. Follow them and see their edits and styles. You can learn a lot by just looking at their pictures.

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A post shared by J A Y T A N A (@jaytana) on

A post shared by J A Y T A N A (@jaytana) on

With these tips in mind, your photos will surely look great! We’d love to see your snaps so make sure to use #wheninmanila, #wimyummy and #wimadventures!

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