LOOK: Here’s How You Can Have Celebrity Musicians Serenade You At Your Parties and Events

When planning private parties, events, weddings, or grand birthday celebrations, music (or musicians, specifically) is usually a factor that’s overlooked. Sure, you can just create a playlist and connect it to the speakers and you’re essentially good to go. But you’ve got to admit that there’s an added “wow” factor and a great difference in the atmosphere when you’ve got amazing live musicians playing for you and your guests. Having musicians perform in the midst of your party makes the event more personal, organic, and sometimes even more intimate.

There are a lot of amazing musicians in the events industry alone, and it’s tedious work to find the right one. Let us make it easier for you and share with you that you can easily get celebrity musicians to perform for you!

sound cinema event musiciansPhoto courtesy of Sound Cinema

Sound Cinema is a collective of musicians who are committed to creating a musical experience that will bring the crazy fun happiness and excitement to any special occasion and event.

Established in early 2019, its founders had the vision of being part of weddings and corporate events while bringing the same creativity and artistry that is seen in today’s musical landscape to these occasions.

So what sets them apart from other bands? Sound Cinema is composed of team members who all work in the current indie and pop music scenes. They have members who play for Moira Dela Torre, Keiko Necesario, Sabu, Quest and have played for Ben&Ben and Munimuni among other artists. Imagine having talents with this professional background and experiences being part of your event!

They bring both professionalism and creativity to the table with their vast industry experience and intense dedication.

With Sound Cinema, people can expect to work with driven musicians that are committed to making special occasions and events musically positive, fun-filled and creative. “We’ll keep it stress-free for you during preparation and make sure it’s fun and different for everybody during the event,” they tell WhenInManila.com.

To future clients, they say, “Moving beyond the indie and music scene, we are looking forward to meeting with you and helping you craft the perfect event with our music.”

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Want to learn more about them? Interested in meeting them? Sound Cinema will be at the Toast Wedding Fair. You can catch them there at the World Trade Center Booth F12 on October 12-13, 2019!

Have a sneak peek of their talents here:

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Video: Cortez Mobile Studios, Fredric Cortez

Sound Cinema

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