LOOK: Here Are Some Podcasts You Can Explore While Stuck at Home!

Words by Joselle Reyes

While keeping tabs on the news or staying updated in social media is a loop we go through every day brought about by the enhanced community quarantine, podcasts are a great way to break away from that loop to explore or learn about different topics. As compared to watching a video or reading text, podcasts allow their audiences to listen to insightful conversations while allowing for multitasking, which could help while doing menial tasks at home such as cleaning or cooking a new recipe. With various topics as springboards for discussion – be it pop culture, education, news, or stories, here are some podcasts you can explore to keep you company at home!

Wake Up With Jim and Saab

New parents Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona (who also fronts the seven-piece indie band Cheats) created Wake Up With Jim and Saab to have time for each other in the middle of working and spending time with their kids. The podcast has been a space for various discussions such as previous memories and recent experiences, movie and TV series deep-dives, and life advice (through the ‘malibag’, or questions from listeners). Since then, their community of listeners or ‘podkids’ have grown and connected with each other through discussions, friendships, and hangouts from their Facebook group. For unfiltered takes, fun conversations, and a dedicated community, be sure to check this podcast out!

Suggested episode: Episode 8, To Beso or Not To Beso


With thinkers, experts, and analysts at the helm in its episodes, Pumapodcast is definitely worth the listen. Pumapodcast is the Philippines’ first podcast network, with its multiple podcasts having objective, intellectual, and critical discussions about various topics in the country. Its podcasts include in-depth analyses of news, entrepreneurs, law and governance, economics, sports, women empowerment, literature, and history. A more recent addition to their roster of podcasts is COVID Quarantine Diaries, which relays the stories of people during the quarantine from all walks of life, be it from front liners such as doctors and nurses, to the experiences of workers, children, families, and even the story of a couple who tested positive for the virus. If you want to listen to insightful discourse and storytelling about the topics mentioned above, this podcast is the one for you!

Suggested episode: Our Mental Health Under COVID Quarantine

Third World Cinema Club

Third World Cinema Club is an informative podcast made by cinephiles who discuss Philippine cinema and filmmaking, with occasional episodes dedicated to movies internationally made. While they have done episodes about local festivals (such as Cinemalaya and QCinema) and in-depth discussions of local films, this podcast allows for a glimpse in the art of filmmaking through its different guests who are invited to talk about their craft. These guests include the cast and crew of certain films, directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, and film critics. Some of its previous guests include the iconic screenwriter Ricky Lee, award-winning writer-director Dwein Baltazar, and veteran cinematographer Neil Daza. If you’re interested in the world of Philippine cinema or if you’re a film buff, check this podcast out!

Suggested episode: Episode 26 – Ricky Lee

Endslate: A Movie, TV, and Streaming Podcast

Endslate is an entertainment podcast hosted by Inquirer critic Ramon de Veyra, producer Mel Lozano-Alcaraz, and Globe Studios head Quark Henares. Its episodes feature entertaining and interesting discussions about various pop culture topics both locally and internationally, be it in local film releases, their takes on blockbuster movies, the best films, TV series and albums of the past decade, what to stream during quarantine, and a recent crossover episode with Third World Cinema Club!

Suggested episode: Crash Landing on Endslate: The Kdrama Episode

Adulting With Joyce Pring

The 20s is the start of a foray into the daunting and uncertain world of adulting, and we have Joyce Pring to help us navigate through it, expectantly and with gusto. Adulting With Joyce Pring features insightful discussions and advice for topics, problems, and relatable situations one is sure to face in his or her 20s. Some of these include financial and time management, processing and dealing with emotions, life lessons, career, and productivity. Whenever adulting can seem difficult at times, this podcast can help!

Suggested episode: Why Rejection is Redirection – in Love and Life | #AWJP Ep. 34

Stories After Dark

While the title of this podcast may give off scary horror spooks, Stories After Dark is beyond just that: it is an independent Filipino podcast that narrates several true crime and mystery stories across Philippine history. Some of these stories include the hanging coffins of Sagada, the haunted roads of Balete Drive and Loakan Road, the Ozone disco fire, and the Diplomat Hotel. If some of these interests you, Stories After Dark has more episodes for you to be spooked.

Suggested episode: Gil Perez: The Legend of the Mysteriously Transported Soldier (1593)

Boiling Waters PH

“Are we more than friends?” “Why am I still single until now?” “Why are we scared of commitment?” These are some of the questions posed in the episodes of this podcast. Boiling Waters PH is the go-to podcast when it comes to everything about relationship and love advice. If you’re feeling a little lost over being marupok for a certain someone, or if you need solid advice about moving on or maintaining a strong LDR, then you should check this podcast out.

Suggested episode: 53. How to Kilig Responsibly? – Anti-Pokmaru Tips 2020

Song Exploder

Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians digest a particular song or piece they have made and discuss the creative process, ideas, and situations that have shaped the writing and production of their work. Different layers of music production are broken down in Song Exploder: thematic influences, sampled sounds, musical effects, how instruments are arranged and played, changes from initial demos, among others. This podcast has featured a diversity of renowned award-winning musicians and composers from various genres, including Lorde, Hozier, Janelle Monae, Carly Rae Jepsen, Yo-Yo Ma, Justin Hurwitz, and Ramin Djawadi. If you want to know a musician more, be sure to check out this podcast!

Suggested episode: Justin Hurwitz – La La Land

TED Talks Daily

TED Talks Daily is a podcast that features insightful and thought-provoking talks from thinkers and creators from all over the world, under its banner of sharing ‘ideas worth spreading.’ The perspectives presented by this podcast are eye-openers, as you’re sure to learn new insights in every episode about a plethora of topics, be it in history, technology, culture, psychology, or politics. From expert talks about changing one’s behavior for the better to ways of uprooting a culture of corruption, or of thought discussions about climate change – if you want to be updated and if you want learn something new on the regular, this podcast is definitely for you!

Suggested episode: How symbols and brands shape our humanity | Debbie Millman

Modern Love

Modern Love is a podcast that relays real-life tales of love, loss, and redemption. Reader-submitted essays from the New York Times’ Modern Love column are narrated by different celebrities in its episodes, including readings from Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet, Jake Gyllenhaal, Saoirse Ronan, among others. Together with evocative performances and immersive sound design, Modern Love navigates the beauty and complexity of love, be it in stories of marriage, unexpected friendships, budding relationships, finding family apart from home, or dealing with pain and loss. With the unique perspective that Modern Love offers, allowing its listeners to live out and relate to experiences of love beyond their own, this podcast is worth picking up.

Suggested episode: Nursing A Wound With Jake Gyllenhaal

Science Vs

How can we stop a killer asteroid? Could UFOs and aliens possibly exist? Are vaccines safe? Science Vs is the podcast that sifts facts from fads. Its episodes tackle recent trends with featured experts in different scientific fields, discussing what distinguishes actual science from popularized fads with interesting storytelling that’s sure to keep you hooked. Their recent episodes discuss lingering questions about COVID 19: is it airborne? Should we disinfect everything? Can we get it twice? If you want to dive deep into the world of science, then this podcast has a wide catalog for you to browse!

Suggested episode: Coronavirus: Should I Disinfect EVERYTHING?

Curious for more podcasts? Here’s another article discussing other local podcasts you should check out. If you have more suggestions for podcasts worth listening, let us know down below in the comments!


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