LOOK: Here are 5 Hydrating Fruits You Should Add to Your Daily Diet!

Words by Isaiah Emmanuel Suguitan (@blueiceiah)
Graphics by Joselle Marie Fajardo (@jojowselle)

Our health is deemed important in everything we do. Whether we are studying, working, or just getting through the day, it is our bodies that we use to accomplish all of our tasks.

However, because of certain circumstances like overworking and stress, we tend to prioritize work than our bodies. In some instances, we even forget to eat, drink, or sleep due to the demands of our responsibilities.

To improve that, here are five fruits that would keep you hydrated anytime, anywhere!

5. Cucumber


Also known as pipino in Filipino, this fruit is usually eaten as part of a salad, sandwich or even as ensalada (a Filipino side dish). A huge idea why this is served with meat is the fact that it can cleanse your digestive tract and ease food digestion. Add the refreshing taste that it imparts, having sliced cucumber in your meal can be very tasty and healthy at the same time!

Looking for something refreshing? Try out this salad to take your meal up a notch!


4. Blueberry



Blueberries are known as one of the most irresistible flavors of the heavenly cheesecake. But did you know? Blueberries are considered as a superfood due to the numerous vitamins and minerals it contain! Rich in Vitamins C and K, consuming this fruit can help you boost your immunity and help fight circulatory illnesses like blood clotting.

Looking for a drink to cool you down on a hot day? Try this delicious looking blueberry smoothie out:


3. Tomato


Regardless whether you consider it as a fruit or a vegetable, tomatoes have been among the staple ingredients in a lot of Filipino dishes. But, tomatoes contain fiber and potassium both of which are minerals that promote regular bowel movements. Besides that, this fruit also has cosmetic benefits such as the ability to heal acne. How’s that?

Who said that tomatoes are only for stir-fry?


2. Pear


Pear (Filipino: peras) is a fruit that is usually included in our New Year banquets since it’s round shaped. And it is a common belief in Filipino (adopted from the Chinese culture) that homes must have a fruit basket filled with round-shaped fruits for a prosperous year. However, consuming pears on a regular basis can actually aid in preventing diseases like cancer and diabetes!

Searching for something new in your bread basket? You might want to try this out!


1. Watermelon


Being a fruit that is best shared with everyone around you, eating watermelon can be a fun way to keep you and your loved ones full and healthy! Besides the fact that watermelon is very rich in water content, it also has a lot of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and Lycopene which are essential for preventing heart ailments and cleansing our body from toxins.

 Love pita and watermelon? Why not mix them for a heavenly bite!


So, if you’re eyeing for a healthier 2018, trying out these fruits can definitely help you achieve that! Also, these are just a handful of dishes that you can try to integrate into your daily diet. Once you experiment with these fruits, the sky is the limit! So just add some exercise and a good amount of sleep and you’re on your way to a new you!

Got any more healthy tips for us for 2018? Tell us in the comments!