Look: Glen Rice finally gets his wish to reunite with Allan Caidic

Former NBA star Glen Rice spent a week in the Philippines to take part in the NBA’s celebration of its first-ever Filipino Heritage Week.

Throughout his trip, Rice was interviewed by several people from the media and whenever he was asked what he remembers most about the Philippines, he fondly recalls and always shares the story of Allan Caidic.

Rice was teammates with Caidic during the NBA Asia Challenge in 2010. In that exhibition game, Caidic made 14 three-pointers en route to 54 points in just 24 minutes, which left Rice in awe of the PBA legend.

In all the interviews he did Rice said he would love to meet Caidic again before he heads back to the U.S. On Sunday at the BGC Amphitheater at a viewing party hosted by NBA Philippines, Rice finally got his wish.

“The Triggerman” made a visit to the surprise of the NBA legend. The two hugged and looked happy to see each other after seven years. Caidic even handed Rice a copy of his book as a present.

Rice said he is a fan of great shooters, and luckily for Filipino baskebtall fans, Caidic is one of them!

If Rice and Caidic competed 1-on-1 in a three-point shootout, who do you think would win?


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