LOOK: Find the Panda… in This Real-Life Photo

Do you remember that viral photo where you were asked to find the hidden panda? The illustration began when Gergely Dudás, a Hungarian artist who goes by the name Dudolf, posted a picture of snowmen and challenged his friends to find the hidden panda. It soon blew up all over social media and appeared on websites like Buzzfeed, and people flooded these websites with comments saying they either found it or couldn’t.

A few days later, he posted an illustration of owls, with a hidden cat! This writer found the panda right away, but he spent a few more minutes looking for the wily feline. This was followed by a parody by Espen Westum, who asked you to find the panda in the middle of… black metal artists!

Now there’s a new challenge: find the panda… in a real-life photo.

The photo was shared by Tracy Lynn Heightchew, who bought it at a thrift store.

The photo was taken at a 1978 Junior Achievers National Conference in Indiana, USA, and shows a group of kids. The photo currently hangs over her kitchen sink.

When she saw the Dudás illustration, she decided to post her photo on Facebook. She told Huffington Post, “I knew that everyone would enjoy this too.”

Find the panda below:

LOOK Find the Panda... in This Real-Life Photo

Did you find the panda? How long did it take you? No spoilers!