LOOK: There’s a New Find the Panda Challenge… Black Metal Style!

Remember that tough challenge where you had to find the hidden panda? Gergely Dudás, a Hungarian artist who goes by the name Dudolf, posted a picture of snowmen and challenged his friends to find the hidden panda. It soon blew up all over social media and appeared on websites like Buzzfeed, and people flooded these websites with comments saying they either found it or couldn’t.

This writer quickly found it (as did our readers), but a few days later, Dudolf posted a more difficult challenge, where we had to look for the cat in a sea of owls. It was harder, all right, and it took this writer more time to find it.

Now, there’s a new challenge! Espen Westum made his own challenge, except surrounding the hidden panda are black metal artists!

Find the panda below:

LOOK There's a New Find the Panda Challenge... Black Metal Style

Did you find the panda? How long did it take you? No spoilers!