LOOK: Donnalyn Bartolome’s Baby Monthly Milestone-Themed Birthday Photos

Donnalyn Bartolome just uploaded her mandatory birthday snaps. Although it was her 28th birthday, the actress opted for a pictorial inspired by babies’ monthly milestone photo shoot. “Me as your baby,” she wrote in the caption of her now-deleted Instagram post.

Hairstylist Kiel Otilla, makeup artist Aj Castro Jose, set designer June De Mesa, and stylist Patty Yap worked together to make the “sweet and seductive” pictorial happen. Meanwhile, the photos of the “social media goddess” were taken by Jeffrey Recana Capilitan. 

The behind-the-scenes were seen on the now-deleted vlog of the Kakaibabe’s birthday shoot.

***EDITED. Photos, posts, and videos were taken down due to the public and artist’s request via Donnalyn Bartolome’s apology on Facebook.

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