LOOK: Diego Loyzaga spotted donning a tassel earring with ‘Tassel Girl’ herself

With tassel earrings all the rage nowadays, there’s no denying everyone wants to try it out – including celebrity Diego Loyzaga.

The 22-year-old actor uploaded on his Twitter account the time when he met Kat Galang, an internet sensation known for her parody cover of ‘Stupid Love’ whose purpose was to promote the tassel earrings she was wearing, owned by a close friend of hers. It was the latter’s guesting in a tv show.

Loyzaga is also wearing a black tassel earring on his pierced ear, while Galang donned hers in white. The tassel earrings rose Galang to fame in her videos, other than her parody cover itself.

Galang responded to Loyzaga’s tweet and captioned “siblings of the net”.

Prior to the two meeting for the first time, Loyzaga uploaded on his Twitter account wearing a dark turquoise tassel earring, bobbing his head to ‘Stupid Love’. Fans and netizens referred to Loyzaga’s light mimic of Galang’s Stupid Love cover.

.. to which Galang responded as well!

Galang also uploaded a photo of her with another Filipino celebrity, Daniel Padilla. She captioned it with the song lyrics of ‘Nasayo Na Ang Lahat’ made famous by the actor and of course, the lyrics of ‘Stupid Love’ she made famous in her video.


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