LOOK: This is the Cutest Spa for Babies

We all want the best for our little ones and because we want them to develop their skills properly, there are many options to do that. Though known as a “spa”, baby spas do not just exist to pamper your little ones. These spas are actually designed to help develop your baby’s muscular reflexes, skeletal system, and cognitive development. The baby massages also stimulate their digestive systems to reduce constipation. Overall, the baby spa stimulates the development of the five senses: Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste, and Hearing.

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BeBe Lavie is one of the first spas in the Philippines. It took inspiration from trends in places like the US, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

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Jun, the founder of BeBe Lavie, shares that he was inspired by Laura Sevenus, the inventor of Bubby in Taipei, where they designed a way for babies to transition into actual swimming lessons. In 2018, prior to opening the business in the Philippines, he got his IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) license to make sure that your little ones are always safe and well taken care of.

Their hydrophilic are all licensed caregivers with decades of experience in taking care of babies. They also use tried and tested quality products on your babies.

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We personally love the Biolane and Mustela products that they use because we use the same brand at home.

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When you go BeBe Lavie, your babies will be treated like royalty. You may want to be a baby yourself after checking out their treatments.

Our session started with a quick bath to make sure that the baby warmed up to the water properly. It was then followed with a few stretches to help her float or swim properly.

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Swimming increases a baby’s physical strength, muscle control, fine and gross motor skill development, coordination, and balance.

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It also results in increased neurological development, which can enhance cognitive, motor, and intellectual abilities. It even boosts cognitive development, as well as learning and concentration.

All the treatments help in improving the immune system, circulatory and digestive systems; relieving colic; reducing jaundice; boosting lung capacity; improving the cardiovascular system; and providing better sleep.

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After the swimming session, they get an infant massage. By this time, they will already be relaxed, sleepy, and probably hungry.

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Just a few reminders to those who are interested in having a session at BeBe Lavie. Your baby should be at least two months old for the session. Their last vaccine should not have been given less than a week ago. You should wait at least 2o minutes after feeding them. And they should not be sick or have a congenital disease.

Parents are also reminded to bring their baby’s own bath towels. Since Bebe Lavie wants to make sure that your little ones are accommodated properly, each session should also be scheduled ahead of time by calling or texting their number or by sending a message on social media. Remember: if adults need pampering, babies needs pampering, too!

BeBe Lavie

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