LOOK: Crayola has refillable crayon tins to reduce waste!

Looks like a lot of companies have been turning into the eco-friendly and sustainable side as Crayola has just opened a refill station for their crayons.

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Refilling stations are not so new as some places in the Philippines now allows you to refill on household needs such as detergent, liquid soaps, and even food.

It is quite surprising and, mostly, satisfying to see a company as big as Crayola doing its part to help the Earth by joining in the battle against reducing waste.

On August 26, Tiny Toy Co. posted a photo of the refill crayon tins on Facebook with the caption: “When companies get it right, we need to let them know. ♻️? Kudos to Crayola /Crayola Canada on their new refillable crayon tins, and bulk crayon station. We found one at Staples Canada today. ♻️? I’m filling up a 24 pack of skin colours for my school library. It’s so great to be able to restock the most popular colours, instead of being required to buy them as a set. ♻️? Way to reduce play waste! Suggestion: you should also price and sell them individually, as well as offer a discount for refilling my tin instead of taking a new one. ♻️? Because you know I’ll be back! ♻️


In a time where our planet is in dire needs of it, my inner child honestly just wants to go out and get one at this moment to support the good they’re doing.

It’s personally enjoyable to see them encouraging young minds to know the importance of being environmentally friendly.

Would you go out and purchase a refillable one so you can give it to someone who can use it when they get older? Share your thoughts below!