LOOK: Chris Hemsworth Is “the Biggest Thor He’s Ever Been”

In an Australian radio show interview, Chris Hemsworth’s body double Bobby Holland Hanton said that the bigger Hemsworth gets, the bigger he has to get too. But right now, Hemsworth is “the biggest Thor he’s ever been.”

Hanton adds that while everyone is like, “wow, look at the size of him,” he is like, “now I have to put on that size too.” He even texted the Marvel actor saying, “Thanks very much, dude. It’s going to be even harder this time.”

After seeing “Fat Thor” in the “Avengers: Endgame,” it seems that Hemsworth is going to give quite a comeback in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” The latest installment of the Marvel franchise is currently being filmed in Australia.

Hanton has also worked as a stunt double for Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds. However, the continuous muscle gain of Hemsworth is quite a challenge to the point that eating has become a chore. The good news is that he’s up for it.

“We train together all the time and we’re on the same diet regime.”

“He’s now the biggest Thor he’s ever been, so I need to be the biggest I’ve ever been. It’s a big challenge but I’m up for it.”

“Every two hours we’re eating. It’s become a chore. I don’t enjoy eating at all. It’s full-on.”

Despite rumors of Hemsworth struggling with back pain after a break from his training, Hanton says otherwise.

“Carrying around the extra weight is difficult and hard to maintain on the ligaments. But he’s all good. Look at him. He’s a man mountain. He’s fit as a fiddle.”

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