LOOK: Celebrate Christmas Early with the Family with Gerry’s Grill’s Affordable Holiday Sets

Words by Fudge Santos
Photos by Alyssa Gabrielle Chen

We Filipinos go all-out when it comes to holiday celebrations, from hearing Christmas songs as early as September, to going through that holiday rush in malls just to get the perfect gifts for our loved ones. But we specifically go all-out when it comes to one thing—food. May it be noche buena, media noche, and any other gathering in between, for Filipinos, our celebrations with our loved ones would not be complete without good food.

To celebrate with Filipino families, Gerry’s Grill gives us an early holiday treat with their offerings of super affordable group meals this Christmas season! They now have Santa Approved Meals that are good to share between groups of three to five; perfect for your family or your squad.

And what’s even more exciting is that they come in three sets, in different food combinations that you can choose from, which means no umay factor and more surprises!

Set 1: Crispy Pata, Inihaw na Manok, Pork Sisig, Pinakbet (Php 1,699)

Gerrys Grill 14

The highlight of the first set is this perfectly seasoned and grilled Inihaw na Manok. And true to our unique Filipino penchant for taste, it comes with its sidekicks atsara and the trusty toyo that immediately feels like home.

And of course that’s just the highlight.

For Set 1, along with Inihaw na Manok comes Gerry’s Grill’s crowd-favorite crunchy Crispy Pata, sizzling Pork Sisig, yummy Pinakbet, a platter of rice, and a pitcher of Pepsi…all-in for only Php 1,699! Talk about sulit.

Their famous Sisig did not disappoint (as expected) and goes perfectly with their freshly cooked Pinakbet.

Gerrys Grill 26

Set 1: steaming hot Sisig, crunchy Pata, Inihaw na Manok, Pinakbet, rice, and a pitcher of soda.

Gerrys Grill 4

The Pinakbet had such a tasty sauce, mixed well with a variety of fresh veggies and chicharon flakes. Score!

Set 2: Crispy Pata, Pork Sisig, Fried Chicken, Sinigang na Hipon, Chopsuey (Php 1,999)

Next up there’s Set 2, composed of Crispy Pata, Pork Sisig, Fried Chicken, Sinigang na Hipon, Chopsuey, Rice, and a pitcher of Pepsi for the price of Php 1,999Everything was delicious, but it’s their classic Gerry’s Fried Chicken that takes the cake for us in this set.

Gerrys Grill 18

Gerry’s Fried Chicken is not the regular fried chicken you’re used to. It’s definitely crispy, just a tad salty, and very tasty. It really complemented the potato-bites served on the side and was completed by their gravy as a relish.

Set 2 is the combo you should try if you want more seafood and fresh veggies in your feast; cravings generously provided by the Chopsuey and Sinigang na Hipon. The balance and the harmony of all of the flavors in this group are well thought of, and I honestly want to try everything again.

Gerrys Grill 23

Set 2’s hearty Chopsuey had rich thickened sauce matched with pork, veggies, and shrimp that was
equally a good balance for the Fried Chicken, Sisig, and Pata.

Gerrys Grill 19The Sinigang na Hipon, on the other hand, had that perfect asim that was the warmth of the set.
It cleansed our palates and made every dish more delectable.

Set 3: Crispy Pata, Pork Sisig, Beef Kare-Kare, Chicken Kebab, Tinapa Lumpia (Php 2,099)

And for the last (and probably the best) combo, there’s Set 3 with Crispy Pata, Pork Sisig, Beef Kare-Kare, Chicken Kebab, Tinapa Lumpia, Rice, and a pitcher of Pepsi priced at Php 2,099.

This set is all-in and all-out, so much so that every dish is its own particular highlight. This whole package is my favorite—I honestly can’t choose just one particular dish that stands out the most. And lucky for us, we don’t have to because it’s all in this set!

Gerrys Grill 21

Set 3’s Beef Kare-Kare’s consistency was flawless and it tied in the different
flavors of the Chicken Kebab, Tinapa Lumpia, Pata, and Sisig.

Starting off, there’s the Kare-Kare, whose savory peanut sauce, tender beef, and crisp greens made us fall in love. Being the dish that comes with the sauce, this Kare-Kare unified all the other dishes in this set.

Gerrys Grill 8

Slightly browned chicken meat, bell peppers, onions and mushroom—a small feast on a stick!

The Chicken Kebab was also an enjoyable surprise for us.  I mean, beautifully grilled chicken wrapped in delicious seasoning as well as those mildly explosive onions and bell peppers?

It was simple but delightful.

Gerrys Grill 12

And how do I even start with the Crispy Pata? Aside from the crunchiness and combination of garlic bits, it had a tinge of cinnamon tang that left an addicting after-taste that I personally could not get enough of. It’s the taste of Christmas in one dish!

Gerrys Grill 9

There’s also this exceptional Tinapa Lumpia that had me in-love at first try. It had the edge of the classic Filipino smoked fish and more because you could feel the cheese melt in your mouth with every bite; the perfect finger food.

It’s amazing how we now have the chance to grab these crazy good Christmas deals that are within budget. Every set offers you a whole course from various tasty dishes, to a big plate of rice, and even a pitcher of drinks!

It’s the holiday feast your family deserves and needs. Just imagine their laughter, their stories, and their joy as you all sit together and enjoy a good meal.

Celebrate Christmas early now and head to the nearest Gerry’s Grill to try out their Santa Approved Meals today!

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