LOOK: Bullet Dumas Tells Fans to Stop Uploading Videos of Artists’ Live Performances

Independent musician Bullet Dumas went on Twitter on Tuesday, November 5, to ask fans to stop uploading video recordings of live music performances.

“Hi. Please stop uploading live performances of your fave artists. Especially without their consent. That’s their intellectual property, not yours. Make your own,” he wrote in a tweet.

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He expressed his thoughts on the hassle of reporting uploaders for copyright infringement and appealed to everyone to just enjoy the performances.

“It’s easy to report to Youtube to take down your vids, but to avoid the hassle and to not taint the credibility of your channel, just don’t upload. Or better yet, you are in a live performance, why don’t you just enjoy it without the need to film? Live in the moment,” he said.

Many fans reacted negatively to his opinion, explaining how they benefit from watching these online videos.

Hindi lahat ay may kayang pumunta sa gig dahil malayo (Not everyone can go to a gig because of how far it is),” one netizen said.

“I look up to you as a person and as a musician, sir. But it’s different when you are just a small, unknown band, or artist. Masarap sa feeling na vinivideohan yung set mo/nyo tas makikita mo na naaappreciate ka ng ibang taong di nakapunta dun sa mismong performance (It feels good when people record your set and you see other fans who aren’t able to attend appreciate your performance),” another shared.

“I don’t see any problem in taking videos of live performances & then uploading it to social media/YouTube. Just don’t monetize!!! [To be honest], I usually discover bands/artists through social media/YouTube. These vids actually help in increasing the fanbase + the band/artists’ reach,” another said.

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There are others, however, who agreed with Bullet’s sentiments.

“True. Where do we draw the line I guess ok lang (it’s okay) if snippets lang sa (only on) IG story or snaps to commemorate,” one Twitter user said.

Lalo na sa mga nag e-earn ng money sa (Especially those who earn money on) YouTube from those videos,” another added.

“The point of this tweet is: Don’t monetise videos of their live perfomances on [YouTube],” another shared. “‘Wag niyo sila pagkakitaan. Masarap sa feeling makakita ng video na inupload ng fan pero kung yung intent niyo is to monetise the video or para pagkakitaan yung artist, bad na yun, mars. (Don’t profit off of them. It feels good to see videos uploaded by fans but if the intent is to monetize the video or profit from the fame of the artist, that’s already bad.)”

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What are your thoughts on this?

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