LOOK: Ateneo victory sparks Twitter celebration

Unless you happened to be hiding under a rock yesterday, you would know that the Ateneo De Manila University clinched this year’s UAAP Men’s Basketball Championship. This win marks their second basketball championship in a row and their tenth overall.

Finishing the game 99-81 against the UP Fighting Maroons, the Ateneo Blue Eagles were able to claim a clean victory. Fans watching quickly erupted in celebration — in real life and on social media. Unlike the high tensions that followed the last game, the online environment was much more chill this time around.

Students and fans from both sides were congratulating the well-earned win. Some congratulations, however, were more entertaining than others:

Some celebrations were a bit more original as well:

Despite the win, certain fans (and a supportive Kuya) obviously had their priorities right:

Although other priorities also made themselves known:

But of course, we can count on our reliable iskos and iskas to fight the good fight:

Maybe the best of it all though is UP’s good grace in their loss and recognition that this is no more than a stumbling block.

Did you catch the game 2 of the finals? Let us know what you thought! 


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