LOOK: Arci Muñoz As Sailor Moon for Halloween!

This year’s Halloween won’t be complete without celebrities standing out from the crowd as they wear costumes that are totally #goals.

And of course, we wouldn’t let our girl crush’s Halloween costume slip away without an article.

Being known for her beauty on top of being a talented actress and vocalist, Arci Muñoz captured the internet’s heart again by dressing up as Sailor Moon.

Arci celebrated this year’s trick or treat at Osaka, Japan. As written on her caption on Instagram, “Achievement unlocked! To be Sailor Moon in Japan!”.

Battle royal!!! ???? #happyhalloween #halloweeneveryday #sailormoon #jafun

A photo posted by Arci Munoz (@ramonathornes) on

She also took a picture with girls dressed as Harley Quinn, another famous fictional character this year. She wrote “Been there, done that” referring to the time she became Harley for a photo shoot.

One thing’s for sure, Arci rocks any costume or character she portrays. Well, for the record, she looks awesome the way she is!

Do you know other celebrities in cute costumes? Tell us in the comments!


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