LOOK: Anker’s Cables are So Strong, You Can Do Pull Ups on Them!

Have you been on the hunt for durable cables? Sure, original branded cables last for a while; but it’s inevitable that for them to break, get worn out, or become loose and you have to move it around many times to hit that sweet spot of it working properly to charge.

What if there is a charging cable that is so durable, it can be bent up to 12,000+ times? You can bend, hit, knock, drop, and twist it; but you’ll still end up with a brand-new looking and perfectly working cable. Meet the Powerline II Dura.

Powerline II Dura twisted and tied up for pull-ups.

Why is it important to know that it lasts up to 12,000+ bends? Well, regular cables have a lifespan of only 3,000 bends, so you do the math 😉 Powerline II Dura supports both Apple and Android. It’s so good that it’s also Apple MFi certified!

A man doing a hanging pull-up on the Powerline II Dura.

Now that you know about reliable and fast-charging cables, get ready to step up your charging game with Anker’s Powerport. It brings two things together: it detects your device, and it charges it the fastest way possible. Merging these two great qualities together, you don’t have to worry about low batteries and slow charging times. Yay!!

Anker Powerport (lower right corner)

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Cables and power ports – okay, cool. Now, what if you’re on the go? Anker’s gotchu! They have a wide array of powerbanks equipped with the same technology as the powerports. This one is for you if you travel a lot: Anker’s Powercore serves as an all-in-one powerbanks for smartphones, tablets, and even – laptops. You read that right, the future is here!

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I’ve tried Anker’s cable, powerport, and powerbank myself. Best believed I was so impressed! I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and it charged it full in more or less an hour. Same with the powerbank; it charged my Note 5 the fastest I’ve ever experienced! If you’re looking for tech essentials, Anker is definitely the place to go.

Anker Philippines

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