Need To Stay Focused? These 5 Apps May Help You Stay Productive

Article by  Camille Geguera

Are you one of those who gets distracted easily with your phone while doing work? Can’t seem to stop checking your Facebook wall and refreshing your timeline? Well, we’ve all been guilty of procrastinating. So if you need a little help in the productivity department, here are five apps that may suit you to get you working.

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5. ClearLock

One of the best ways to avoid distractions is by blocking your social media apps while working. ClearLock can help you do that in order for you to concentrate on writing that term paper or working. You have the option to choose which apps you want to block and set the duration of how long you want to keep it blocked. There’s no reason to tweet “studying atm”, only to continue scrolling through your timeline. You get to actually study.

4. Be Focused

The concept of the app is from the Pomodoro Technique, which is a time management method wherein you can accomplish tasks if there are time intervals and breaks in between. The app is minimalistic when it comes to the interface. You pick what task to do first, work on it for the next 25 minutes or so, and when the alarm sets off you get to rest for 3-5 minutes before resuming work. You may also customize how much time you want to spend on working or choose between a short break or a long break.

Remember that being productive doesn’t mean you are not allowed to rest.

3. Habitica

Want to play RPG and be productive at the same time? Habitica can turn your To-Do List into a fun game. Aside from leveling up to a new level, by accomplishing tasks, Habitica can also help you build good habits and get rid of the bad habits. You have the option to do so by simply typing in the ‘Habits’ tab the negative habits that you want to quit, and the positive habits that you want to start doing (go put “exercise daily” now!). For every task, dailies, and positive habit you accomplish for a day, you get to earn gold–which you can use to buy pets and accumulate power in the game. Every negative habit you commit for the day means damaging your character’s health and leveling down. You may also join a “party”, where you get to play challenges with your friends. Who said leveling up in the game and in real life can’t be done at the same time?

2. Forest

Productivity + care for the environment = Forest. This app helps you to be productive by making you put down your phone and do actual work. The premise is simple: if you want to stay focused, open the app and “plant” a tree. Without leaving the app, the tree grows over time which can be added to your virtual forest. Once you do leave the app, the tree dies.

And what’s even cooler than having a virtual forest? Actually contributing to a real-life tree-planting organization! Forest is a partner of Trees for the Future, which helps farming communities in different parts of Africa. Spending virtual coins in the Forest app means more sustenance to grow actual trees. Now, how’s that for a productivity-turned-into-sustainable living?

1. Mindfulness Daily

Meditation and productivity in one? This app may be the one for you. You choose when to set a meditation time within the day and the app sends you a notification to remind you. It also helps you integrate meditation into your daily routine through its “lifelog” feature, which tracks the things you do daily. The app features a breathing guide and calming sounds, as well. Having a clear mind = staying focused = productivity.

Know of other useful productivity apps to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!


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