Cozy by Mei: Super Cute Crocheted Items for Everyday Use

CozyByMei Cover

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of anything that’s both cute and functional. I love bright / pastel colors on anything because it automatically makes the world seem lighter and happier. If it’s handmade or crocheted, then the product also gets plus points!

Imagine, then, how excited I was to discover Cozy! This brand offers you all kinds of adorable crocheted goodies – laptop sleeves, phone covers, blankets, coasters and many more. Continue reading to check out their cute items.

Easy Laptop Sleeves


Our laptops are valuable and just like any valuable item, you’ve got to take good care of them. Cozy has laptop sleeves that will perfectly snug onto your laptops. They also come in so many cute colors! You’ll definitely stand out with these adorable crocheted sleeves.

CozyByMei 8

Get crazy and choose multiple colors!

CozyByMei 7


CozyByMei 2


CozyByMei 5


CozyByMei 3

Black, Grey & White

Note: You can also have your laptop sleeves custom made! Get creative and choose the size or color/s you want.

Phone Cases

Php650 to Php750 (depending on the phone size)

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally drop your phone? Well, just like your laptop, your phone case also needs some protection and dressing up! Cozy has a couple of cotton phone cases that will make your phone look stylish, while at the same time, prevent it from getting broken from those clumsy drops.

CozyByMei 24

Dark Blue / Pink

Super Comfy Blankets


Who needs a cuddle buddy when you’ve got an awesome blanket from Cozy? If you’re a home buddy like me, then you’re going to love Cozy’s Weekend Afghan Series. It’s the perfect company while reading your favorite book or watching your favorite tv shows on your bed. The blanket is absolutely soft and fluffy and is 100% polyester, handmade with chenille yarn. This will surely keep you warm especially during those slow weekends.

CozyByMei 14


CozyByMei 10


CozyByMei 16

Variegated Blue

CozyByMei 15

Off White and Burgundy

Cute Beverage Coasters

Php280 for a set of 4

Imagine you’re drinking a hot cup of coffee or a mug filled with cool water. Don’t you just hate it when you lay it on your desk and there are water rings and drink stains? Well, I’ve got the solution for you. Cozy has intricately designed beverage coasters that will make your working space feel extra homey and elegant. Get these beverage coasters handcrafted with locally-sourced cotton yarns that come in sets of 4! You can even give them as gifts for your loved ones.

CozyByMei 20

Wait, there’s more!

Watch out for Cozy’s Basic Crochet Workshops!

Yes, you heard me. The owner of Cozy, Meianne Mendoza, also does workshops to teach individuals the art of basic crochet. Here, you can learn the foundations to make simple crocheted items like your own crocheted coasters!

CozyByMei 18

CozyByMei 17

Cool, huh? Make crochet a part of your life today!

Cozy By Mei

Available also at La Local Store – Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila